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Transform Your Hiring Process to Focus on What Matters

Our hiring technology helps hundreds of dealerships across the country turn the disparate task of hiring new employees into a disciplined process. As a technology partner serving the automotive industry, Hireology understands the unique challenges dealerships face to find and retain the best employees. Today, we work with dealerships of all sizes to transform hiring from a challenging, inconsistent process into a data-driven framework everyone in the dealership can follow. This allows your team to focus on what really matters: finding and hiring the best employees.


People are your number one expense, and the only thing you can absolutely control in your dealership.


Since our founding in 2010, we’ve focused on helping the retail automotive industry staff up with top talent. We currently work with dealers across the nation and hear the same challenges over and over: hiring is a reactive, inconsistent exercise that takes up a ton of time and often gets the wrong people in the door, which impacts sales and turnover. Hireology helps to fix this using our seamless hiring platform that brings together industry-leading tools to help you hire smarter and faster.


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Centralizing Your Hiring Activity

Hireology puts dealerships in control of each step of the hiring process – writing compelling job descriptions, managing job boards, testing applicants, interviewing candidates, and running reference and background checks – all within our unified app experience.

Beyond our app, we have a dedicated team of talent coaches to help coach your team through each step of the process. We'll help you post to job boards, ask the right interview questions, and recommend skill and aptitude tests for your open positions. Our team will get your locations up and running quickly and be available whenever you have questions.



Hireology is a solution beyond software: we’ll work together as your hiring partner every step of the way.

Our customers have used Hireology to reduce rooftop turnover by 70% and cut the financial and time investment per hire in half, freeing up your staff to focus on customer service and improving your brand experience.


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The Intelligent Hiring Framework 

We've helped thousands of businesses build better teams with our intelligent hiring framework
that breaks down all hiring activity into four steps:

Learn more about the Intelligent Hiring Framework >

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