Hire the Right Employees with Our
Intelligent Hiring Framework 

We transform stressful and disjointed hiring efforts into a disciplined
process, helping thousands of businesses find and hire better employees.


It all starts with describing the job.

Our team will guide you through the Intelligent Hiring Framework to create engaging role descriptions with our job profiler workflow. Our holistic approach helps you blend the desired skills and experience with your company’s culture and uniquenesses for more comprehensive job descriptions to give candidates a more engaging sense for opportunity to join your team.

With Hireology, you’ll also have a dedicated Customer Success manager to recommend how to create crystal-clear descriptions that not only define the role, but excite candidates for the opportunity to apply.


Finding top employees with leading job boards.

Once your new role is created, we’ll work together to publish the opportunity to the most effective job boards optimized for that specific role. Hireology supports social sharing making it easy to post on your company’s social media, and you can use our career widget on your website to fully manage the sourcing process.

Once a candidate applies, they’ll immediately be given a pre-screen survey with instant scoring within our app ensuring only qualified applicants move forward as potential candidates.

Use job boards to publish and manage positions directly from Hireology for a truly unified hiring experience. Simplify job board management into a single dashboard (and invoice) so you can focus on finding the best talent.




Prioritize the best candidates using holistic evaluations.

Access our industry-leading assessment tools going well beyond a resume and interview to evaluate a candidate’s potential. Our selection framework focuses on top candidates by testing hard skills, aptitude, personality, and fit for your open position – all seamlessly integrated within Hireology.

For the candidate’s in-person interview, Hireology prepares an Interview Guide tailored to the job you’re filling, leading the conversation for more relevant, qualitative responses from your applicants.

Our Interview Guide allows you to take notes and score applicant responses directly within Hireology, for a consistent evaluation that lets you easily prioritize the best applicants.




Confirm candidate skills, background and potential.

The final step in our framework is verifying the talent you’re looking to select to join your organization. Our reference checks follow an automated, quantitative process to create easier, more robust reference checks for each candidate minimizing time needed for manual follow-ups.



Start hiring smarter!

See how our framework can help you save time and money
while finding you better candidates.

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