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Onboard new hires on the right foot and complete training and paperwork before day one

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Welcome Onboard.

HourOne is Hireology's onboarding solution that ensures a seamless transition from candidate to employee as soon as a job offer is accepted. 

HourOne helps new hires complete all tasks as required for a successful first day. Automatically collect personal details & tax forms and distribute training material before day one.

Since HourOne is an extension of Hireology’s applicant tracking system, we seamessly transfer candidate information through to the new hire onboarding process saving time and eliminating errors.







A Standard Process, Custom For Each Job.

HourOne empowers hiring managers to create a custom process to get all new hire information processed quickly and easily. Managers can have multiple onboarding processes, so a role that needs additional training can include more steps than an entry-level new hire, allowing for a process that is as unique as your new hires.


Save Time With A Form-Free First Day.

HourOne automates your HR tasks, placing most of the effort on the new hire. We will send reminders when action is needed and provide real-time status updates on where new hires are in the onboarding process directly within Hireology.

HourOne ensures all new hires can complete their tax, personal, and training materials before their first day, so they can spend more time with their team instead of sitting in an office completing forms.


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