Plans for every business.




When it comes to human resources management software, executives tend to want a program that offers a wide variety of tools to simplify the processes of hiring and applicant tracking, but some shy away because many HR management software packages have a hefty price tag or are meant for large businesses with many employees.

Hireology is not one of those programs.  We know that nearly every business can benefit from a simplified hiring process and we believe that Hireology’s recruiting management software can provide that simplicity. We offer pricing plans for every business. For business owners who don’t have to fill more than one position at a time, we have a plan that starts at less than $50 per month. This version accommodates unlimited candidates and users, allows users to access and use the following staffing software features SmartRank Survey, verification tools, reporting and analytics. There is another option for business owners who want more features – including access to employee training – the package designed for larger businesses.

For those business owners who have multiple locations or plan to fill more than one position at once, Hireology has another pricing plan. We have options that allow for unlimited users, unlimited candidates and includes behavioral interview guides, along with scoring functionality. In addition, the in depth package includes training sessions and webinars and a dedicated account management team that can answer all of your questions. To learn about pricing for this particular program, contact Hireology to discuss your options with one of our customer service representatives.

For business owners who want to try before they buy, Hireology offers a one week (7 day) free trial of Hireology’s recruitment management software. After giving us just a few details, you can get started with our HR management software in just a matter of minutes.