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Whether you are a multi-unit franchisee, a franchisor, or the general manager of one location, chances are you are aware of just how difficult hiring can be. In fact, 75 percent of franchisees report trouble with hiring. Hireology changes that.

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Hireology Franchise Software Solutions

You know how difficult the hiring process can be, and the fact that 75% of all franchise owners report having trouble with this process shows that you are not alone in your thinking! Hireology aims to decrease that percentage with our franchise software solutions, which are specially designed to overhaul the way hiring is carried out.

Our platform provides a wide variety of tools that are created to not only streamline the hiring process, but also to make it more thorough and effective. Hiring the right candidate is crucial, and high turnover rates are sometimes difficult to overcome. However, when you have tools like structured interview scripts, automated background checking capabilities and the ability to receive, store and access resumes from any location, you’ll watch your franchise turnover rate plummet.

Tools for Today’s Franchise Hiring Grid

Hireology’s franchise software solutions are unique in that they work by helping you identify how the past behavior of a candidate would impact his or her performance with your franchise in the event of a hire. Our suite of hiring tools provides what you need to choose the best person for the job. Hireology leverages analytics and data to help you understand the elements that are most likely to predict a person’s success in the job that is open. Using the algorithm-backed SmartRank™ survey, interview scorecards, cloud-based resume storage and more, you’ll be on your way to reducing your turnover rate in no time as you also decrease the man hours you devote to the hiring process.

Make Sure the Best Candidates Find You

Our franchise software solutions offer a career widget that is fully automated and completely customizable to make sure you’re able to attract the candidates who would best suit the open position in your franchise effortlessly. The widget can integrate into your current career page, and it also updates automatically. Our interview scorecards provide you with all the right questions to ask to single out those who will become the final tier of potentials. Our franchise software solutions also offer tools to automate background verifications, reference checks, personality assessments and skills tests, too.

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