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Build your employment brand to attract
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“[Catalyst] provides our employment brand website with the customization and detail required to effectively promote jobs across our dealerships. It helps us be more advanced and ahead of anything our competitors are doing.” 

- Ryan Esler, Matick Chevy


With Catalyst, Hireology will create a custom employment website that lets top candidates quickly learn about your business and team. Our mobile-friendly approach means applicants can learn about and apply to your positions no matter the device they are using.


Benefits front and center.

Catalyst includes a rich new set of design templates, letting your organization define your employment brand in even more distinct ways.

Highlight key employee benefits to excite applicants to apply and join your team. Describe your career path for job seekers and stand out as a company with a plan for employee advancement.

Hireology will work with your team to get lifestyle photos highlighting your company's culture, providing a great impression of your team and history, as well as growth track for both new and seasoned employees. 


Turn visitors into applicants.

Catalyst integrates directly with your Hireology account, automatically posting open positions to your career site and migrating applicants through the Hireology process. The impact of having a robust career site is clear. 

  • 72% of hires made through our custom career sites are rated as high quality employees in their 60-day evaluation
  • Employees acquired through Catalyst have a 27% turnover rate, versus the industry average of 68%



Career Site Plus team page


Simple Integration.

Catalyst is completely built and hosted by Hireology, and integrates with your existing website with one line of code.


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