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Working on Labor Day? 4 Ways to Keep Yourself Busy

Posted by Erin Borgerson on August 26, 2014

working on labor dayThink you are the only one slaving away at work on Labor Day? You aren't alone, in 2013 39% of American employers kept operations open.

While your family, friends, and co-workers (who thought ahead to take it off) are barbecuing and enjoying the great outdoors, you will be working the cash register or staring at a computer. Sound like a waste of a day? Your hiring process could probably use some work.

The following 4 ways will keep you off Facebook silently sending death threats to people posting selfies on the beach. 

1. Go after passive candidates

Who has time to recruit passive candidates? Labor Day is the perfect time to go after candidates who aren't necessarily looking but are still willing to hear more about your job.

Send them a message on LinkedIn, Tweet them, or shoot them an email. Either way, you are more likely to get a response on their day off then on a weekday when they are at work.

2. Post your job to a job board

45% of Beyond.com users will spend Labor Day looking for a job so expect a rise in candidates by posting your job to a job board on Labor Day.

Consider niche job boards where the candidates have a more specialized set of skills.

3. Research new HR Technology

From automating your reference check process to implementing an interview scorecard - the list of innovative HR technologies gets longer each year. 

Take Labor Day to research some options for your company or business. Your boss will be impressed with your proactive mentality.

4. Respond to Candidates

Have you ever sent an email or card to a friend, only to not hear back? That feeling you get when you feel neglected is exactly what every candidate feels who has applied to your jobs and not heard back.

The candidate experience is crucial to a company's recruiting efforts and a simple "Thanks for Applying" email will help candidates see your company in a positive light.

In the end, Labor Day is just another Monday and if anything you will be able to earn brownie points from your boss by improving your hiring process one little step at a time. 

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Erin Borgerson

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