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WEBINAR: The Top 10 Fixes You Can Make to Improve Your Career Page

Posted by Natalie Pike on January 8, 2015

18375784_lHireology is teaming up with our friends over at The Good Jobs for a webinar! 

It's a new year and everything is changing. Applicants are looking for jobs like crazy and managers are hiring more candidants than they have in years. But, how are they going to get those applicants interested in their open jobs? It all lies in their career page. 

A messy career site will turn applicants away in minutes. Your career site is your brand. Everything listed on that site, including the text, images and videos, is the personality of your company. You're busy, we know, so why not make your career page work harder while you sit back and relax? There are many ways to push the work off of your plate and onto the career site itself. All it takes is a couple fixes on your end and you'll be watching the applicants roll in in no time.

Join us as Hireology and The Good Jobs combine forces and break down "The Top 10 Fixes You Can Make to Improve Your Career Page," on Tuesday, January 20th at 11am PST/1pm CST/2pm EST.

By participating in the webinar you'll learn about:

1. Ways to leverage your current career page
2. Understanding where job seekers are seeing your culture
3. Approaching your career page with a marketing mind set


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