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Tricks, Treats & Hireology

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on October 31, 2014

What did the headless horseman say to the hiring manager? “How do you get ahead in this office?” (Cue the corny laugh track from the audience) Treats

After eating plenty of treats during our annual Hireology Halloween lunch party, I think it’s safe to say I’ll be going as “Fat” Don Draper for my costume tonight. I must say the Hireologists here in the lab sure know how to make lovely desserts or as I like to call it after my favorite team loses, comfort food. 

Speaking of comfort food, the biggest hit of our Halloween lunch was a special tuna dip recipe we got from a client. Now it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing dish, however please take my word—it’s absolutely amazing. I speak on behalf of the entire company when I say THANK YOU to Pam Ragan from Friendship Automotive for sending us your recipe! We really appreciate it.

Contrary to a stingy kid on Halloween, we’d like to share Pam’s delicious recipe with all of our blog readers. This treat is on us…and Pam. Happy Halloween everyone!


1 can of light tuna (drained)

Chopped Onion
1 pkg. of cream cheese

2 tsp. of Friendship’s Garlic Hot Sauce 

Mix together…enjoy with crackers!

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