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The Three-Step Interview Guide for Education Franchises

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on November 10, 2016

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Hiring for your school?

Not every franchise owner actively thinks about new ways to approach the interview process. But having an interview process plays a substantial role in building a successful franchise team.


Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case for most franchise owners. Many franchise locations are lacking a clear-cut, defined hiring process, which ends up costing them money on turnover, more time on hiring and less qualified applicants, all of which affect the bottom line.


At Hireology, we define hiring as: the process of assessing the potential risk of a resource not being able to achieve the outcomes that you need them to achieve, along with the resources you’re providing to achieve them.


Hiring is a process, not an action. By following this three-step interview guide for education franchises, you’ll identify the best, low-risk candidates for your franchise location.


Step #1 – The Phone Screen


The Purpose: Conduct a 20 to 30 minute phone interview with your candidate, score the interview and determine whether or not your candidate should be considered for an in-person interview.


The key here is to ask yourself, “Is this person worth investing team interview time?”


Consider using a predefined script for having a detailed, meaningful and informative interview with a candidate who has successfully passed your initial screening process. Spend 20 to 30 minutes speaking with your candidate about a variety of work topics, such as: work history, teamwork and any expectations of the job. Also, think about customizing the conversation to include specific questions for your open job, such as “What challenges have you faced while teaching before, and how did you handle the situation?” or anything else you’d find value in knowing about a candidate.


The Advantage: Spend less time on the interview process by conducting stronger phone interviews. Weed out inadequate applicants before bringing them to your location for face-to-face interviews.


Step #2 – Resume Review Interview


The Purpose: If the applicant was able to successfully answer questions on the phone screen, the next step is to conduct an in-person interview that focuses on the candidate’s resume and achievements over time. Using interview scripts during this stage allows you to score your interview by looking for trends in the candidate’s responses.


Ask yourself, “What has this person done, and how have they done it?”


This interview is critical to gauge whether this person is fit for the role. When a candidate recalls his or her accomplishments over time, you begin to notice trends in how the candidate approaches work: Have they been successful, and to what do they attribute their successes and failures?


A resume review provides the perfect forum for uncovering what Hireology has found to be the four predictors of success in EVERY job: positive attitude, sense of accountability, prior related job success and culture fit.


The Advantage: Easily identify the four elements of success: attitude, sense of accountability, prior related job success and culture fit. This process will save your franchise on cost per hire and help give clarity on which candidates are best fit for the job and your school.


Step #3 – Behavioral Interview


The Purpose: After passing the in-person resume walkthrough, the final step is to conduct a second face-to-face interview that focuses on the candidate’s experiences and characteristics, which lead to success in this role.


Ask yourself, “Does this person fit into our company and into this position?”


Consider using a customized interview for that includes the requirements for the job. This makes it easier to score your interview and determine whether to advance the candidate to the next step of the hiring process, which typically includes reference and/or background checks.


The Advantage: Get a clearer picture of whether or not the candidate is a true culture fit and the validity that you’re selecting the best candidate for the job.


Before you can hire quality talent for your school, you have to interview candidates first—which starts with the phone screen. Download our complimentary guide below to start conducting better phone interviews today!


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