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The Heartbleed Bug and Hireology

Posted by Erin Borgerson on April 10, 2014

At Hireology we take zero chances with our users' personal information. With a widespread encryption bug called Heartbleed affecting nearly 2/3 of the worlds servers, Hireology is taking early and swift action to ensure no information is leaked.heartbleed

What is the Heartbleed bug?

According to Mashable, "the bug affects web servers running Apache and Nginx software, and it has the potential to expose private information users enter into websites, applications, web email and even instant messages. The Heartbleed bug has the ability to allow malicious operators to defeat this security layer and capture passwords as well as forge authentication cookies and obtain other private information." 

This means that hackers could gain access to your personal information and payment information. It's being called a "major security issue" and "the worst security hole the internet has ever seen" by sites like CNN.

How can you stay protected?

security patch for the bug was released and is quickly making the rounds. It's also advised that you change your passwords in the applications that have been affected. Click here for an updated list.

What's Hireology doing about it?

At this time, Hireology's data and information has not been compromised. To take additional precautions, Hireology's engineering team immediately applied the security patch and updated the servers to ensure complete protection.

In addition to the application of the patch, Hireology Chief Technology Officer, Attila Domokos, had his team change all passwords and tokens associated with Hireology's external services like payment providers and email sending platforms. 

Finally, all Hireologists changed their email passwords to ensure the safety of our customer's information.

Should I change my Hireology password?

At this time the Hireology team does not anticipate a security issue; however, users are strongly encouraged to change their passwords in order to ensure complete safety. (To change your password inside the Hireology app, login and click Settings > My Info > Edit your personal information)

Make sure you change your social media passwords as well. And while you're at it, register for our social recruiting webinar!

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