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Rethinking Social Recruiting: The Twitter Advantage

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on May 27, 2015

If you haven’t hopped on the social media recruiting train by now, then you’re a little behind in the game (some would even say, a lot). Nevertheless, there’s always time to board this ever-trending train if you’re a hiring manager.

Social Recruiting

A competitive advantage can be gained once you know how to cater your recruiting efforts towards the majority of job seekers. In terms of social media, that large pool of job-thirsty seekers can be found on Twitter…and if you’re not recruiting via Twitter yet, you’ll want to take a look at some of the findings from the study below.

According to a recent report conducted by Software Advice, an HR and recruiting technology research firm, “when it comes to recruiting through Twitter, it seems that many companies are doing something wrong:” 

  • More job openings are posted to Twitter than any other social media site.
  • Twitter has more job seekers than even the more professionally minded LinkedIn.
  • Yet, only 15% of recruiters have actually hired someone through Twitter.

How Job Seekers & Businesses Use Twitter

Here are some other important findings from Software Advice’s report: 

  1. 58% of job seekers use Twitter in their job search, most commonly to look at company profiles for opportunities (76%)
  2. Nearly half of respondents say companies are “ineffective” at using Twitter to post frequent job openings (47%) and communicate with job seekers (43%)
  3. Besides job openings, tweets from Fortune 500 company recruiting handles often highlight specific employees (19%) or promote company events (17%)
  4. 78% of Fortune 500 recruiting tweets contain hashtags—most commonly with branded terms related to job opportunities (46%)
  5. 35% of Fortune 500 companies have a recruiting-specific Twitter handle, which they use to tweet one to three times per day (64%) 

Regardless of whether or not your company has a Twitter account, strictly for recruiting purposes, it’s doesn’t matter. Having one is all that matters. This way you can begin positing your open jobs via tweets towards the right audience of preferred applicants—whether it’s through your company’s account or personal account. As long as you can get in front of the large amount of job seekers on Twitter, do it! It makes zero sense not to do so.

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