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Predicting success is mutual for Hireology: An interview with the CEO

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on September 3, 2014

“We can say that we use our own software to hire people and it’s worked. We have about a 90% success rate internally with (using) our own stuff (hiring tools).” – Adam Robinson, CEO of Hireology


Predicting success…it’s more than just a tagline. It’s a motto we follow on a daily basis; one we strive to accomplish for all of our customers, as well as our own company.

A couple of years ago, these two words might have seemed a bit pretentious (from the outside) seeing that we were a company that consisted of five employees, our first million dollar investment and a tiny coffee pot.

Fast-forward two years later and predicting success appears more fitting. After receiving a 10 million dollar investment from Bain Capital Ventures last month, we will have 55 employees by the end of this month and nearly 3,000 clients using our hiring platform, plus a new coffee machine!

But how did we get there?

Interview with Hireology’s CEO Adam Robinson

Watch our CEO, Adam Robinson, explain our story of predicting success on the show Bootstrapping, hosted by the tastytrade network on YouTube.

Interview Topics and Shortcuts: Fast-forward to a specific topic of the interview by following the reference guide below!

  • Our company two years ago (1:05)
  • How did we make it all happen? (3:04)
  • What we do: our hiring tools (7:04)
  • What’s the job market like today? (8:07)
  • How we continue to grow (12:25)
  • The process of raising capital (14:35)
  • Our current and future goals (16:30)

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