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New eBook: A Fresh Look at Hiring – 2016 Forecast

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on December 2, 2015

2016_forecast_mini_ebook_2.pngThe new year is quickly approaching. Due to last minute tasks, attempting to hit quarterly goals and other end of the year objectives, it’s difficult to think about what you’ll be doing in 2016. Yet if you’re a hiring manager, looking ahead can give you a competitive advantage when hiring in the new year.

Knowing when, where and how to hire potential employees in 2016 can help you get ahead of the hiring curve. While other businesses will most likely be waiting until the last minute to hire next year, you can set yourself up for success by preparing your hiring plan in 2016 with our new eBook.

A Fresh Look at Hiring: 2016 Forecast is our new eBook that prepares managers and business owners for hiring in the new year. In this eBook, you’ll get insider advice from some of Hireology’s top hiring experts and learn how to get a head start for hiring in 2016.


Key Takeaways:

This eBook will give you our predictions and advice for hiring in 2016, covering topics like:

  • Resumes will hold less clout and modernized company cultures will attract more candidates.
  • Social media will play a growing role in hiring, forcing organizations to fully utilize their social media presence throughout the hiring process.
  • There’ll be a steady supply of candidates and part-time jobs will be more common.
  • More companies will begin to accommodate the needs of millennials.
  • More and more companies will incorporate mobile experiences into their hiring processes.
  • Employer emphasis on direct experience will decline.

Don’t wait until the last minute to see how the recruiting and hiring landscape will affect your hiring process next year. Start preparing for building a better team by downloading this complimentary eBook below.

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