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Is your hiring platform like a SkyMall product?

Posted by Natalie Pike on January 23, 2015

We heard some devastating news today. The world of air travel will never be the same. SkyMall, the in-flight hair_cuttercatalog filled with the most bizarre and unusual products, is declaring bankruptcy. No more passing the time by circling your favorite items and telling yourself, "I HAVE to buy this." Maybe you were into the Hair-catcher or the Sleep Neck Brace. Or maybe it was The Human Slingshot. While these products seem extremely cool, they were all very useless and led to the inevitable demise of the business. 

The same could be said for the amount of hiring platforms available. Let's take this as a lesson learned. Think about the plethora of products in the SkyMall magazine. How many of them would really be a necessity and beneficial to your life? Not many.

Each hiring software has a bunch of different components that make it what it is. Most of them offer hundreds of qualities that may be appealing to the eye, but won't truly help you hire the right person. 

I sat down with Hireologist Anthony O'Boyle and discussed how Hireology's product compares to others. 

"Hireology differs from other hiring platforms because it offers a system that encompasses each step of the hiring process. Someone can recruit, run interview guides, and verify the candidate's information all from one platform," he said. "From the recruiting perspective, we only partner with job boards that will actually make a difference. Other sourcing companies claim to post to thousands of different job boards, but there are only a few that yield results. We only invest the customers' resources in solutions that work." 

We've all been through a ton of different interviews. Whether it's a phone interview or a face-to-face, no interview is the same. I asked Anthony to talk a little bit about our interview process and what makes it so unique. 

"Our interview process ensures that the interviewer is asking the right questions for the position. We separate our questions based off behavioral and personality tendencies relevant to the job family that best represents the role. The candidate is then given an overall score that reflects how well they exhibit these tendencies. An overall picture is painted for the interviewer, giving them insight into how successful the candidate will be.

Here at Hireology, it's a science. We don't play guessing games. We spit out a clear number that tells you who you should and shouldn't hire. Take your mind (and eyes) off of useless products. It could eventually lead to the demise of your business. 

Again, focus on what's important. Take a look at 5 more reasons managers make bad hiring decisions. It's free! 

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