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Hiring Technologies and Practices to Ditch

Posted by Erin Borgerson on February 19, 2014

Who doesn't love saving some cash here and there? As owning your own busines becomes more andhiring_technologies_to_ditch more expensive, it's crucial to cut out items that aren't moving your business forward.

Many businesses are still using outdated technology and practices in their hiring process causing hundreds of dollars of charges that simply aren't helping them hire the right people. As Nolan Gray from JobScience put it, "[A] fatal flaw of outdated tech is that often you have to put more in than you get out."

Ditch These Quick

So what are some practices and technologies you should ditch quick? Check out the list and decide for yourself if you are wasting your time.

  • Resume Parsers: How is it even legal to nix a candidate due to a word they used?
  • Weird interview questions: Have you read our research?
  • Paper applications: Microsoft Word was invented for a reason
  • Resume trackers: Use a complete hiring platform and drop the tracker!
  • Applicant trackers: See above bullet

The average cost of these technologies and practices is over $1000 a year! Instead of mashing together several systems, streamline your process with a hiring platform or system.

Try these new technologies:

If you are saving $1k a year after ditching all that outdated technology, it might be time to research some of the latest hiring technologies that could save your business hours of time and money.

Check out the latest technology offered to hiring managers:

  • SkillSurvey: Automated reference checks, hello free time!
  • PayScale: Find out if you are overpaying or underpaying your employees
  • Caliper Assessments: See if your candidate and the job fit together like PB&J
  • DiSC Assessments: Post-hire assessments to find out how to manage your new hire

Want more? Check out a recorded version of our webinar we hosted last month - learn what other new technologies you should be using!

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