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Hireology eBook: The Franchise Onboarding Playbook

Posted by James Patrick Kahler on September 15, 2016



The old way isn’t working anymore (if it ever actually did). Traditional franchise onboarding typically involves employers giving new hires a day or two to fill out paperwork, watch training videos and talk to a few senior staff members—and that’s it.


But in reality, that’s not quite enough.


More needs to be done, especially with today’s younger workforce. If franchises truly want to retain and set their new hires up for success in the long run, they’ll implement an onboarding program that’s not only thorough, but also engaging for everyone involved.


Our latest eBook, The Franchise Onboarding Playbook” gives your franchise a guide to the best practices in onboarding today.


Key Takeaways:


By downloading this eBook, you’ll gain insight on the best practices for:


  • Retaining employees
  • Outshining your competition with better onboarding
  • New hire development & training
  • Recognizing new employees’ strengths & weaknesses
  • Preparing for your new hire’s first day
  • Setting manager expectations
  • Employee mentoring
  • Dealing with changes
  • Expanding your current onboarding program
  • Onboarding with a tight budget

Don’t let your franchise team fall behind because old-fashioned employee onboarding. Download our complimentary eBook by clicking on the link below!

Franchise onboarding playbook free download hireology

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