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Should Your Franchise Begin to Use Virtual Interviews?

Posted by Erin Borgerson on January 14, 2015


Each day, franchise owners face the pressure to hire the right candidate for their business. They are busy rummaging through the stacks of resumes, which is a difficult task to do while trying to run a business at the same time. It takes a lot time and energy to hire candidates and sometimes the wrong person is hired for the job. But there is a franchise hiring system out there to help!

Virtual interviewing has become a popular hiring system and is becoming the standard method of first round screening when conducting interviews. The goal of a virtual interview process is to improve the quality of in-person interviews. With virtual interviews, franchise owners are able to determine which candidates they would like to eventually have in-person interviews with rather than having to bring in every potential candidate and waste added time and money.

Here are three types of virtual interviews a franchise owner can utilize when hiring:

Live Video Interviews

According to an OfficeTeam survey, 63 percent of HR managers conduct web-based video interviews. Live video interviews reduce travel expenses for in-person interviews, allow franchise owners to connect faster with a candidate and allow other members of the business to join in on the live video interview regardless of where they are located.

On-Demand Video Interviews

On-demand video interviews can either be pre-recorded or on-demand. These interviews are one-way interviews where the candidate answers the questions that the franchise owner created for the position ahead of time. This process helps reduce interviewing time by allowing franchise owners to watch video interviews on their own time instead of sitting with candidates asking the same questions over and over.

Virtual Q&A Interviews

Virtual Q&A interviews allows franchise owners to ask candidates open-ended questions that can provide a deeper level of insight into how the candidate thinks, communicates and how they might fit within the company.

Virtual interviews allow franchise owners to create, send, save, manage and evaluate candidates through the Internet at anytime. Franchise owners can log on to their virtual interview portal and watch a dozen interviews in less than five minutes and decide right then and there which applicants they want to bring into the next step in the hiring process.

All in all, virtual interviews can be a great franchise hiring solution to help save time and money and help franchise owners find qualified candidates in a fair and structured fashion.

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