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A Checklist for Hiring Managerial Franchise Employees

Posted by Erin Borgerson on June 4, 2015


As your franchise grows, you may find that you need extra help running your business. If you feel that you are spread too thin and your workload is too hectic – it’s time to bring on a manager to help you run your business.

Transferring some of your duties to another person may be a scary thought at first, but when you’re ready to hire a manager, it means your business is healthy and growing.

The process of Hiring a managerial employee is a little different than just bringing on any other entry-level employee. While your objective is always finding the best possible fit for the position, expectations are much higher when filling a management position.  

Today, Hireology has compiled a checklist to help guide you on your search for a new manager.

1. Establish a Search Plan

Before you can move forward with hiring a manager, you have to nail down a process:

  • Decide how you want to search
  • What traits and skills the candidate needs to possess
  • Where you want to conduct your search

2. Determine Your Franchise’s Needs

Hiring a manager begins with honest, self-evaluation. Every person has skills they’re great at and tasks that they could improve upon. When searching for a manager, look for a person who has skills and talents that compliment your own. You don’t want a clone; you want a manager who will excel in places your business is weak.

3. Prepare a Job Description

Managers are typically responsible for hiring, training, scheduling, motivating and evaluating employees, taking inventory, and providing customer service and sales. But your franchise may have unique tasks managers will have to perform, so be sure to make all the responsibilities clear.

In addition to necessary education, experience and skills, determine what type of personality you’re searching for. You may want to include a personality assessment along with your application to help you better understand what personality you will be dealing with.

Although managerial responsibilities may change from franchise to franchise, every successful manager will require these essential capabilities:

  • Lead and develop employees
  • Organize employee schedules and goals
  • Effectively communicate with you, your employees and your customers

4. Begin the Search

Look at your current employees—who already know your brand, business, customers, processes and culture—to see if they could help lead your business as a store manager.

Promoting from within not only relieves you of the expensive process of recruiting, onboarding and training, but it gives employees motivation to work hard and boosts morale.

If you need to look outside your current pool of employees, decide where to advertise your position: job boards, employee referrals and/or word of mouth.

5. Conduct Interviews and Hire Smartly 

Don’t rush the interview process. You’ve taken the time to know what your business needs, so make a smart hire. Imagine how your manager will fit in to your current business and culture, and consider how this hire will work with your employees. Remember, your manager will set the tone for the rest of your franchise.

Consider letting your employees be a part of the hiring process to gain their input and get them excited about the change.

6. The Transition

Hiring a manager is a big change for any business. Make sure you key into your employees feelings and get feedback that will help you and your new manager fit in comfortably and propel your franchise.

You will also have to transition your mindset and trust your employees to take on tasks you’ve normally performed in the past. Adding a manager doesn’t mean you’re losing control of your business, it means your business is growing.

Is your franchise thinking of hiring a manager? Hireology is here to help streamline the process as well as help make it more effective. With tools for background checks, personality assessments and interview scorecards, Hireology provides your franchise with the proper infrastructure to make sure you find the right addition.

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