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3 Critical Factors When Hiring Millennials for Your Franchise

Posted by Erin Borgerson on February 25, 2016


When you develop a hiring strategy for your franchise, you’ll invariably run into the question of who will be your ideal candidate. What’s not up for discussion is whether or not you’ll be recruiting millennials. This could be problematic, depending on your perception of this generation. Are they self-entitled, lazy bums? Or are they motivated, career ladder-climbers looking for clear direction?

Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, this generation will likely represent the future of your franchise business. According to an article for Franchising USA Magazine, the millennial generation is currently 83 million members strong and they’re going to soon inherit the role as the largest demographic comprising the American workforce. On top of that, they’re also expected to inherit $30 trillion in capital from their baby boomer parents, according to Bloomberg Business.

A Vast Ecosystem Influences

One of the reasons for a recruiter’s interest in hiring millennials is tied to the way they get information and seek advice. According to data from Nielsen, 83 percent of consumers trust recommendations from family and friends. However, Advertising Age reported that more than half of millennials trust the opinions of strangers over their friends. At the same time, 84 percent of millennials say that recommendations they find through social media have an impact on their purchasing decisions.

What to Look for in Millennial New Hires

For franchise owners looking to reach millennials consumers, they need to leverage the insight and expertise of millennial employees who have an insider’s understanding of the decision-making process leading to a purchase. But you need to be strategic in how you hire. Here are a few key attributes that will help ensure you’re hiring talent that will facilitate business growth:

  • Social media savvy: While most commentary about millennials suggests that this generation has finely-tuned social media skills, that doesn’t necessarily translate to being expert marketers. Any millennial new hire you want to run your social channels must have a clear understanding of managing the brand, customizing interactions and creating opportunities for consumers to engage with your franchise.
  • Mobile marketing: Similar to their affinity for social media, millennials are the prototypical mobile-first consumers. You need to have employees who recognize the many opportunities to reach millennials on the go. Whether you’re using text ads or are getting discovered through mobile apps like Yelp, the experience you create for millennials is critical to capture their interest and their dollars.
  • Authenticity: For both in-person and digital interactions with millennial consumers, authenticity is paramount. In fact, Forbes explained that 43 percent of millennials say authenticity is a higher priority than content when getting information. So, on top of having strong social and mobile prowess, you need to find millennials who are able to convey your franchise brand’s message in a genuine way that compels their consumer counterparts.

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