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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Alison Ortscheid on December 13, 2013

Coping With Change

As 2014 approaches, you can expect to see many things changing within your company. Whether big or small, these changes will have a direct effect on your employees. It isPrepare your employees for change. important as a manager that you help your employees to face these changes. As Peter Economy explains, there are many simple ways that you can do so. 

Take time to listen - If you know changes are coming, make sure you take the time and pay attention to the ways your employees react. Also, provide employees with ways to deal with the stress and anxiety.
Show your concern - During times of change, employees often feel isolated and vulnerable. By opening up the lines of communication between you and your employees, they will feel more supported. 
Make fixes - Fixing anything that you possibly can will help ease the tension in the workplace.
Remain positive - Employees thrive off positivity. Also, give employees the opportunity to propose news ideas!
Train and prepare - If you are able, give our employees the opportunities to learn new skills and prepare for the changes to come.  

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Do's And Dont's For Holiday Bonuses

The holidays are just around the corner. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 45% of companies plan on giving out holiday bonuses this year. If you find yourself falling into this category, there are many things you should keep in mind in regards to giving bonuses. Suzanne Lucas gives us the do's and dont's of holiday bonuses.

The Do's:

  • Follow your company's bonus plan
  • Mark up for taxes
  • Avoid using managers' discretion to decide the amount of employee bonuses

The Dont's:

  • Make a charity in place of bonuses - without the employees' knowledge
  • Forget the paperwork
  • Give the boss a bonus, forget about the employees

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The Right Job Boards For Small Business

Many companies go straight to the huge job boards when looking to hire for a certain position. As Carolyn Cutrone explains, small business should steer clear of these enormous job boards and focus more on smaller boards. These smaller job boards allow companies to narrow their search and hire for a specific job, as well as streamline their hiring process. There are many small job boards out there. However, Cutrone provided us with five of the best, along with their benefits and prices.  

1. Crunchboard
2. Coroflot
3. Health Callings
4. iCrunchdata
5. Mashable 

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More Hiring, Less Managing

Spend less time managing and more time hiring.As Tim Rice explains, hiring decisions are the most fundamental decisions within a company. Because of this importance, hiring managers should spend a good amount of time on each hiring decision, rather than hiring quickly because they have an opening. It is critical that hiring managers take the time to seek out the best possible employees, as well as considering other important factors in the hiring process. 

Even more, if you take the time to find the best employees for the job, you will naturally have to spend less time on managing. Great employees often don't require much management, other than the simple training and guiding. 

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The Economy And Recruitment

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate has decreased, and most recently has decreased from 7.3% to 7.0%. Because of these changes in the unemployment rate, there are many challenges that recruitment managers should expect to encounter in the near future. Ken Sundheim provides us with the 3 most important challenges that are a strong possibility as the unemployment rate continues to decrease.

1. Supply and demand fluctuates and possibly increase the applicant price.
2. The recruitment process is much quicker, and this is totally normal.
3. Applicants begin to request more non-salary benefits. 

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Along with a decreasing unemployment rate, we are also seeing an increase in technology. Be sure to sign up for our upcoming webinar about hiring with technology! 

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