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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Alison Ortscheid on November 8, 2013

Creating the Best Referral Program

Creating a referral program to get the most out of your current employees can be very successful. You just need to make sure that you go about it in the right ways. Nick Leigh-How to get the most from your referral program.Morgan gives 10 tips to making sure you get the most out of your referral program.

1. Make some noise. Do something dramatic to make employees aware of the program.
2. Come from the top. If possible, make sure your CEO is the one to launch the program. 
3. Make the successes public. This will make more people want to participate.
4. Rewards. Don't be shy with your rewards. If you want good referrals, offer good rewards.
5. Up the reward if you have to. If nothing happens, increasing the reward will still most likely be less than what you would pay a staffing agency.
6. Consider external referrers. Adding them is easy, so consider anyone who would want to participate.
7. Be selective with jobs. Don't ask for help with every job. Be selective in who you're asking for help and for what jobs.
8. Keep them informed. If you are considering a candidate who was referred, make sure to keep the person who referred them informed.
9. Consider rewards for the almosts. You can offer a certain reward for a hire, and smaller rewards for first interviews too.
10. Keep on giving. Keep rewarding the person who referred the employee for every year they stay.

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How to Keep Your Employees

It's common sense that nobody likes a high turnover. An important part of the hiring process is the idea of retention, or keeping your employees around. According to recent statistics, we are seeing that the average stay of employees is very low. Cord Himelstein explains that the solution to this high turnover is early recognition. Although recognition is only one part of a combination to keep your employees, it's a great start!

There are many ways that you can go about early recognition including involving senior leaders, encouraging coaching and development, creating a supportive environment, engaging on a personal level, recognizing employees earlier in their tenure, thinking beyond the rewards, and having a long-term plan.

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Social Media Recruiting Mistakes

Although social media recruiting can be a very successful tool for companies looking to hire. However, according to Don Charlton, there are three very common social media recruiting mistakes that can hurt your company. 

1. You find the one, and then you stop. Don't stop looking once you've found the perfect candidate. Keep in mind they might not be as perfect as you think.
2. You use average job descriptions. If you do this, you will get average candidates. Add some spice to your descriptions!
3. You only interact with the active ones. You may miss out on the completely qualified passive job seekers.

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Does Your Company Need To Grow?

When deciding whether or not your company needs to grow, it is important that you look at your top team. According to the article, change in senior leadership was 42% of the reason for a growth in a company. There are many things you need to consider in regards to the senior team and growth including:

  • When to add
  • Who to add
  • How to add

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Being Transparent With Your Candidates and Employees

Transparency with candidates is important!Making sure that your candidates, as well as current employees, know everything that is going on is key. Jack Dorsey says that every one of your employees should know everything that is going on throughout the company. Even more, your candidates should know everything that is going on throughout the hiring process. 

According to this Laura Montini article, there are many benefits to being transparent with your candidates and employees. It allows your employees to focus more on their work and your candidates to focus more on the actual job. Also, it holds everyone responsible for coming up with new ideas. Lastly, keeping secrets from candidates and employees is wrong, and also very difficult!

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