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The No Nonsense Guide to Hiring Technicians

Posted by Erin Borgerson on November 6, 2013

As a franchisee or small business owner, I'm sure you are well aware of the challenges associated with hiring technicians. As if sourcing candidates wasn't difficult enough, trying to determine who is qualified and who fits in with the company culture just adds to the headache. 

We feel your pain, so to make the process easier, we decided to write The No Nonsense Guide to Hiring Technicians. The eBook covers:

  • How to determine what you're really looking for in that new hire 

  • Ways to cater towards the needs and expectations of candidates

  • Where to find technicians who are on the job hunt

  • And how to conduct the most effective hiring process.

Ready to start hiring the best possible technicians? Download the free guide below.

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