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Hiring for your Business: Entrepreneurs give advice

Posted by Erin Borgerson on October 24, 2013

Hiring for your Business   Entrepreneurs give advice

When the monthly copy of Inc. Magazine lands at our office, it's generally a scramble to be the first to get your hands on it. Today, I won the race! Which is great because one of the articles is worth reading, as it focuses on avoiding bad hires (which every business owner wants to do!)

The article is on page 52 and is all about how entrepreneur's find the "Perfect Fit."This is what they said...

Their favorite interview question is:

"What's the biggest misperception people have of you," said Zappos CEO, Tony Hsieh. Our CEO, Adam Robinson, has also been quoted as saying it's his favorite interview questions as well. Hsieh stated that he asks it because, "It's interesting to see how self-aware candidates are."

Start a referral program:

The Inc. article highlights a company called The Nerdery, who offered the public money for referring candidates. Individuals would receive $100 if their candidate landed an interview and $400 if they got hired. Although expensive, The Nerdery got over 33 developers out of the program, and we all know that developers are a pain to find! 

Editor's note: If you don't have the funds to shell out $30k to the public, start a referral program inside your company and give away things like $20 gift cards. Much easier on the wallet.

Take a cue from Survivor:

Ok, this might sound crazy, but bear with us. Inc. interviewed a company called Nurse Next Door, who conducts group interviews and then asks each candidate individually who out of their rivals they would hire. This singles out the people who point out the weakest link because they feel threatened instead of the top performer.

CEO of Nurse Next Door, John Dehart, would rather hire someone who chooses the top performer, as one of their core values is to "admire people."

(Psst... several Nurse Next Door franchises utilize Hireology's technology. Learn more here

Other interesting takeaways:

59% of companies rate retention as their top priority, compared to 20% in 2010. Want to retain employees? Read our whitepaper.

67% of companies polled are having a hard time finding skilled labor. Ouch! Sometimes all you need is a little advice on how to find more candidates.

If you want to read the full Inc. article, flip to page 52 in your October issue.


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