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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Alison Ortscheid on October 25, 2013

A Guide To Doing A Background Check

As the popularity of technology is growing, it is being used more often in the business world5 tips for employers who are conducting background checks..
also. A CareerBuilder survey found at 48% of employers will use Google or another search engine website in order to research a potential employee, and 44% of employers will search their candidate using Facebook. Eric Meyer offers 5 tips to employers when it comes to conducting background checks. 

 1. Employers are not required to conduct background checks. However, if you do, it is important that you don't ask candidates for social media usernames and passwords.
 2. Wait to do the background check. Waiting until after an interview but before a job offer will help to minimize the number of searches you must do.
 3. Remember that the Fair Credit Reporting Act applies if you are using a third party to search. 
 4. Have someone other than the decision maker conduct the background check. The person doing the background check should only inform the decision maker with information that would affect an employment decision.  
 5. Allow time for an explanation. Giving your applicant the chance to explain is key, because not all information on the internet is true or could be taken out of context.  

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5 Things That May Drive Away Talent

It is common sense that all companies want to hire the best talented candidates that they can find. However, as Suzanne Lucas explains, if you are not careful in your recruiting efforts, you may be driving away the talented job candidates. She talks about the five things that most talented job candidates hate.

 1. Tedious job applications. Nobody wants to spend an hour filling out a job application.
 2. Show me yours, but I won't show mine. You should not expect a candidate to reveal complete salary history without giving them your honest expectation of what you will pay. 
 3. Silence. After a candidate has submitted an application or after you have brought someone in for an interview, it is crucial that you follow up. 
 4. Meaningless job descriptions. It is important to focus on what the candidate will actually be doing.
 5. Focusing on the perfect candidate. We all know there is no such thing as perfect. 

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Is Your Candidate Sleazy?

Not all candidates are good candidates. It is very likely that, in your hiring process, you will come across a sleazy candidate. It is possible that you end up hiring them, only to find out later that they are sleazy. According to Suzanne Lucas, there are many things that you should do once you realize that one of your candidates or employees is behaving inappropriately. 

To begin with, don't ignore it or laugh it off if you hear about or see an employee doing something wrong. Second, you should investigate as soon as possible. Once investigating, you should act, whether it be firing, suspending, filing a report, etc. Lastly, you should have a clear policy. Even more important, you should be sure to enforce this policy so your employees know what to expect.

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5 Ways To Attract Engaged Workers

Ways to hire engaged candidates.As the temperature plummets, so does the engagement of many candidates and employees. Of course, no hiring manager wants to a hire a candidate that is not going to be engaged in their work. Lucky for you, Scott Span touches on 5 things you can do as a hiring manager to guarantee that your candidate will be engaged and continue to be motivated throughout the frigid winter weather.

1. Share the mission and let the candidate know how they can help the company to achieve the goals.
2. Encourage the idea of a community and company teamwork.
3.  Let candidates know that they will be recognized for their work.
4. Present candidates with opportunities to continue learning.
5. Communicate well with candidates, and also know when to listen.


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How To Find A Good Leader

We all know that every hiring manager is looking for candidates who have strong leadership skills that will add to their already strong team. However, it is not always easy to find a candidate who truly possesses these skills. However, recently Marc Barros revealed the interview question that will help you find a leader. 

"Tell me about the last person you fired."

If the candidate hasn't fired anyone, it may not be a good fit. Throughout business, you must often break down and rebuild your team and it is important that you find someone who can adapt. If they have hired someone, allow them to tell you about it and take you through the process. After ask them "What did you do after they were let go?". This will help you to gauge the amount of empathy the candidate possesses.

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