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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Alison Ortscheid on October 18, 2013

Don't Hire Based On Likes

Something you never see in a job description is  a requirement for the person to be liked. Of course, it is common sense that you must like the candidate in order to hire them, right? Wrong! Although this is a big part of hiring, it is not something you should base your decision off of. There are three questions that need to be answered in order to make a hiring decision.

 1. Can the candidate do the job?
 2. Will the candidate do the job with excellence?
 3. Will this person fit the organization?

The reason for a hiring someone should not be because they are your friend or because you like them. It should be because they are the best qualified candidate that applied. Remember: liking someone and wanting to work with them is different!

Skills > Experience

Tom Gimbel explains that most hiring managers look for the candidate who they think is best for the job. However, the way that they are determining these candidates are perfect is by looking at their experience. Gimbel says that this is the wrong approach. Instead, managers should look at the soft skills and the way a candidate's mind works rather than their experience in the same job area. 

There may be a candidate who has previous experience in engineering, which is a totally different industry, but their mind works in the exact way that you want an employees mind to work. However, if you base your decision off of experience, you will pass up this candidate.

Even more, different backgrounds could help to bring diversity into your workplace and also create more depth in the ways that your employees are thinking. 

Check out this video to hear more. 

Hire Out of The Box

We all know that most hiring managers are afraid of making a bad hire. However, we also know that every hiring manager wants to make good hires! Margaret Heffernan explains the qualities that he best hires had that made her so excited about hiring them. Hire the candidates who don't fit the mold!

She explains that her favorite employees did not fit the mold of the average candidate. They were very open to new experiences and they had a great amount of energy and enthusiasm but didn't let their work get sloppy. Also, the candidates may not have been her first choice but other people argued for them. Next, they weren't essentially "safe" bets but they were worth the risk. Lastly, they were extremeists. Doing their job is what makes them feel alive.

Using these unique qualities to hire candidate can help to make your workplace and it's employees the best they can be.

Read more about her experience here

Are You In Need of A Chief Marketing Officer?

Hiring a CMO can make big differences for your company. However, how do you determine if you are in need of hiring one? Scott Gerber gives you 12 signs that your company should consider hiring a CMO.

 1. When you need to put the product first
 2. If you have the need to grow
 3. If you have the need for help overseeing marketing efforts
 4. When your business starts to become huge
 5. If your brand portrayal needs help
 6. If your branding is losing focus
 7. When multiple marketing functions need to coexist
 8. If you want to spark discussion
 9. When you run campaigns across channels
 10. Once you decide what your company provides
 11. When you found the company
 12. If nobody knows your name

Want to learn more about these reasons? Check this out

Surprising Recruiting Lessons

Recruiting is a key part of the hiring process. Who you recruit is essentially who is going to
apply for the job. Eventually, more than likely you will hire one of these candidate. However, recruiting is not always easy. Luckily, as John Hollon explains, CareerBuilder survey found 5 recruiting lessons that may be somewhat surprising to you. 

 These 5 lessons will help improve your recruiting efforts.1. If you aren't mobile, you won't really be accessible. 
 2. Sometimes reputation carries more weight than compensation.
 3. Employment brand is a necessity.
 4. Unresponsiveness can have the ripple effect.
 5. Flexibilty is the norm.

Considering these lessons when you go into the recruiting process can help to make you more successful in who you attract to your company. Want to learn more about the lessons? Read the entire article here

Another way you can be sure you are hiring the right candidate is by conducting pre-employment tests. Check out our whitepaper for more information! 

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