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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Alison Ortscheid on October 4, 2013

Extreme Hiring Tactics You Would've Never Considered

These days, all companies are worried about making a bad hire, considering how costly it can be for a company. Issie Lapowsky touches on 4 different tactics used by entrepreneurs to make sure they don't hire the wrong candidate. 

1. Voting. CEO of SumAll uses voting in order to make sure he hasn't hired the wrong candidate. After a trial period, he has a committee vote. If there is one veto, the candidate does not make it. 

2. Trial by rejection. When Rob Rawson is interviewing candidates for a position for Staff.com, if they are what he is looking for he calls them up and tells them the exact opposite. More than half accept and get defensive. The small percentage who put up a fight are worth the hire.

3. Reality show. CEO of Nurse Next Door treats his group interviews as a reality show by asking candidates which of their competitors they would hire. The candidates who feel threatened are not worth it.

4. Bounty. The CEO of Nerdery recently offered the public a reward for refering candidates for a certain position. They were rewarded $100 if their referral scored an interview and $400 if their candidate was hired. 

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Don't Make A Bad Hire

Like I mentioned previously, every company wants to avoid hiring the wrong employee for theirThe real cost of making a bad hire! You don't wanna do this. job. We all know that it can be very expensive, but do you really know just how expensive it is? According to a blog post written by Jorgen Sundberg, the real cost of a bad hire is roughly $840,000

In order to avoid this HUGE loss, make sure you're not just hiring to fill a position. Also, make sure you have all the data you need on a candidate before making the decision to hire or reject them.

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Avoid These Social Media Recruiting Mistakes

Social media is becoming a large part of the recruiting and hiring process because it is such a useful tool for employers. However, as Don Charlton explains, there are also many mistakes you can make with social media that could sabotage your recruiting process, as well as your hiring process. 

1. Starting the process with no direction. Make sure you have a measurable plan of attack before you just into the recruiting process.  

2. Spamming. Sending out mass emails, posts, texts, etc to all the people you know every day is not going to get you the candidates you want or get people to pay attention. 

3. No brand-specific postings. Make sure your profile is not the standard background and profile picture. Tailor your profile page to represent your brand. 

4. Just being on social media. Simply being on social media is not going to catch the attention of candidates. You must have a certain presence and be active in order to recruit. 

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Hiring To The Extreme

There are many candidates out there who are just average, and then there are the candidates that are willing to go above and beyond to get recognized and to be offered an interview. You may be asking yourself whether or not you should hire these extreme candidates. Suzanne Lucas gives you all you need to know about what you need to know about hiring these extreme potential employees! 

Tips to whether or not you should hire the extremes.If you have a tight, very professional company that deals with very professional clients, then this type of person is definitely the wrong candidate for you! However, if you're a different type of company, this person could be the perfect fit. You already know much about their personality and they could add a lot to your company culture!

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Searching For Talented Candidates

We all know that experienced, talented candidates are what every company is looking to hire. However, speaking as a millennial, it's just not possible to find many young people who have a large amount of experience.

CEO of Allen and Shariff Corporation, Zack Shariff, advises that you don't limit your search for talent to just one geographic location, one age group, etc. Broadening and widening your search for talent will allow you to be more successful in hiring experienced candidates.

Check out the video here

It's a known fact that experience is an important factor in regards to whether or not you hire someone. Pre-employment testing is a great tool to help you figure out the other important information regarding your candidates!


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