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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Alison Ortscheid on September 27, 2013

Why Should You Do More Than Just Reference Checks?

Reference checks aren't always the best choice when trying to learn more about a potential employee. There are many reasons why references may give bad feedback other than the Don't count on reference checks!employee actually was bad. Suzanne Lucas explains that there are many reasons why you should not believe bad reference checks. 

1. You find the reference yourself. If all the references rave about how amazing your candidate is and one goes off on a tangent about what a horrible person they are, you should probably ignore the one bad response. 

2. The things that are mentioned as bad are actually good for you. If the reference goes on and on about factors or characteristics that were so negative, but they are actually good characteristics for your company, then definitely ignore the bad reference check.

3. The reference is unknown. If you don't know the reference of have never heard of the refernece or company before, you should be a little hesitant to believe the reference, and should continue researching about the candidate before making your final decision.

4. They were saying 'negative' things that were actually positive. Make sure that you understand why the reference is saying certain qualities are negative before you immediately consider them negative yourself.

5. The negatives were legal or protected by law. If a reference goes on and on about something negative an employee did, but the negative thing is protected by the law and there is a logical reason, then you must ignore the negative response.

6. The past is the past. If the employer rants on about negative qualities that happened years ago, and the candidate has a spotless record ever since, the negatives deserve to be disregarded.

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How To Hire The Right Talent

CEO's and hiring managers are often worrying about finding the right and more effective candidate. There are many ways to go about recruiting for jobs to find the right candidate. Margaret Heffernan explains why you should become a talent impresario instead of recruiting and hiring people who fit a specific description or role. 

Hire talent soley based on the fact that you're impressed with what they can do and think they will be a valuable asset. Don't hire just to fill in the spots. An easy way to make sure you're hiring the right people is to ask yourself "Who are the top five people you would hire today if you could?". 

6 Best Hiring Questions According to Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs may handle business in a different way than most business people. However, every business person must go through an interview at one point in their life. Issie Lapowsky relays the questions that entreprenuers prefer most.

1. What's the biggest misperception people have of you? 
2. How do you unplug?
3. What's most important to you in your work?
4. Why wouldn't I hire you?
5. Describe a recent project and how you could have done it 10x better.
6. What have your parents taught you?

Using these questions will allow you to better get to know your candidates and also learn interesting things you may not have learned by asking generic questions

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The Interview Tactic You Would Never Think Of: PB&J

Jennifer Walzer explains that there are many different things you can ask in an interview that might be helpful in letting you better understand the candidate. For example, for her company Backup My Info!, they ask candidates to explain how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. If the candidate explains the process in a very short amount of time with littleUse pb and j sandwiches to hire employees. detail, this could let you know that they do not pay attention to details, which may be a key part of your job. On the other hand, if the candidate takes hours to explain to you how to make a pb&j sandwich, this might put up a red flag as well. This could mean the candidate is too focused on details and may not make deadlines. 

Using out of the box questions may help you to weed out candidates that you thought otherwise would have been a great candidate!

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3 Hiring Tactics You Should Never Use!

There are many things that an employer looks for when recruiting and hiring for an open position. However, Don Charlton explains that there are some tactics employers should steer clear from when making hiring decisions. 

1. Experience. Most companies are always searching for experience. However, it's important to keep in mind that experience isn't always what's most important. For example, if a candidate has experience working but is a slow learner and will have a tough time learning the ways of the job, he should not be hired.

2. Hire the best. Having the best there is out there isn't always what's best for your company. You must consider if you can afford the person and are they worth the cost? If you hire an awesome candidate who is also super expensive, you may not be able to afford to fill other spots.

3. Referrals. Just because the person was referred to you from a friend or family member, they may not be the best candidate for the job. You must also ask the person who referred the candidate what they experienced that was so great, and how long ago they experienced it. Figuring out the truth will lessen the risk of a bad hire. 

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Check out our guide on how to do a perfect reference check! Don't forget, though, don't count soley on references!


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