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HR Technology: How hiring and dating relate

Posted by Erin Borgerson on September 20, 2013

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First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes... Well, you know the rest. The same can be said about hiring: First comes the phone interview, then comes the in-person, then comes the job offer and a 401k. 

Ok ok, we know it's a bit of a stretch to compare hiring and dating, but the two concepts are actually quite similar. You would never marry someone after going on a first date right? Same as you would never hire someone after a phone interview!

Using data to find "The One"

Tech blog, Mashable just took a look at online dating site, Match.com and highlighted the amount of data the platform collects from their users. The article published today states, "Dating platforms are collecting an enormous amount of data about how people look for a partner and what they say they want."

In fact, Match.com's President even said that they keep redefining their algorithm which takes a wide variety of information into account when matching people up.

Hiring platforms are doing the same thing. When a hiring manager profiles their job by using an HR technology platform, you can bet that platform is collecting data for the future. As more and more millennials enter the workforce, HR technology must rapidly change to take into account the new generation's lack of experience but abundance of motivation. 

That includes the algorithm and data collected.

What can we learn from data?

Similar to Match.com using data to help match singles, hiring data can help match candidates to jobs, industries to behavioral assessments, and personality profiles to success. Interesting isn't it?

Wouldn't you be a happy hiring manager if you could tell a system that you were hiring a Graphic Designer and the platform automatically generates proven successful interview guides, a list of comprehensive behavioral and personality tests, and finally a scoring tool to ensure you are selecting "the one?"

By using the data to help predict the success and hire-ability of a candidate, hiring platforms will be spitting out an algorithm to the perfect hire more frequently. Now that's what they call a "match made in heaven."

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