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Hireology Featured in Startup Hiring Article

Posted by Erin Borgerson on September 10, 2013

Wondering how to most effectively hire for your startup? You may want to check out this Software Advice's The New Talent Times article titled, "Recruiting Best Practices From hireology software adviceToday’s Hottest Startups." The article highlights insights from Hireology's recruiting and selection services coordinator, as well as professionals from some of the leading companies in the startup space such as Raidious, WorkZeit and Branch. 

The article, written by Holly Regan, features information on video interviewing, role-playing, job description construction, employee referrals and the time investment of hiring. In other words, Recruiting Best Practices From Today’s Hottest Startups will help startups to make better hiring decisions while staying on schedule and within budget. 

Make sure you head over to The New Talent Times to read the article. But for those of you who just want a snapshot, here's a few of our favorite quotes:

"After candidates have made it through the interview process at Software Advice, we bring them in for a 'day in the life,' to give them a firsthand look at our company and see what it is they’d be doing every day."

"Jeetu Melwani, CEO & Founder of Beaglo.com, offers candidates a 10-hour paid trial period. Cobb-Dennard says they invite the top two or three candidates for a given position to work a full day at half the pay rate.

"Conophy describes how another of her clients, Spotify, takes candidates who have completed more traditional phone and live interviews to a very non-traditional setting: a bar. There, the candidate meets and mingles with potential co-workers, and managers get to see how the candidate interacts with others in a more relaxed setting."

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