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3 Tips to Attract Quality Candidates

Posted by Erin Borgerson on September 5, 2013

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Everyone's always looking for quality candidates. I hear our customer service reps on the phone all day explaining how to seek out quality candidates to some of our customers and after hearing them repeat "highlight your unique offers," thirty times, I finally decided to write a blog post on it.

We talk about candidate experience a lot. Whether it's during our product meetings or at conferences with fellow HR companies. That's why China Gorman's article titled, When It Comes to the Voice of the Candidate, Is Anyone Listening? stood out to me during my blog browsing today.

Here are some of the solutions to attracting quality candidates cited in her article:

1. Invest in engagement

Gorman highlights SilkRoad's 2013 Employment Marketplace Survey Results: The Candidate’s Perspective in her article. It was in this survey that the results of question: "What organizational characteristics would motivate you to seek employment at a company?" overwhelmingly favored "companies that invest in the commonly accepted components of 'engagement.'"

It's important to engage employees and candidates alike. This can be done by emphasizing your company's stress of work/life balance, giving candidate a tour of the office and introducing them to current employees, inviting the candidates to shadow. 

2. Use technology

Whatdya know! The SilkRoad survey also asked candidates if a company uses a web-based recruiting technology, would that positively influence the way you see the company? Most candidates responded with a "Yes, it shows that a company is innovative and progressive." 

Start using technology to hire! Candidates have made it clear that uploading their resume online makes them more comfortable then emailing it to a random "jobs@company.com." Start by implementing a system wide web-based hiring platform. 

3. Highlight your unique offers

This is so important and not mentioned in the article above but in my own studying of our customers. You must highlight your unique offers to the candidate in order to attract quality candidates. 

What are unique offers? Glad you asked...

  • Benefits like vacation time and free Starbucks coffee
  • Room to professionally grow
  • The chance to try new products/technology

Insert these benefits into your job description and conversations with candidates to see an increase in the quality.

To read China Gorman's full article, click here

Attracting quality candidates doesn't have to be hard. You just have to go back to Job Descriptions school!

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