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Five Things You Need To Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on August 23, 2013

As the summer winds down (tear!) we end another week with lots of great news stories and updates on hiring. Here's 5 of our favorite articles from the past week.

Are Your Browser Compatibility Issues Costing You Good Candidates?internet explorer is horrible

If you are less tech-savvy than your neighbors, you may not notice an increase in frustration when a browser issue affects their daily work. Hireology actually wrote a blog post on it awhile back and while many of you agreed with us, we never thought about the effects it would have on candidates!

Author, Janine Truitt's article on TLNT.com is getting a lot of attention this week as she points out the cons to not updating your software compatibility on your career site. Many HR technology companies have "candidate gateway[s] that are incompatible with the latest browsers," causing candidates to not be able to apply.

Read the full article here.

Rossen Reports: Felons enter homes as workers background checks

If you are a Today Show fan you may have seen a segment they did on consumers who have hired technicians to fix various things around their homes only to find out later that these workers are actually convicted felons!

In this short video, TODAY National Investigative Correspondent Jeff Rossen reports that there are no federal laws requiring background checks for service workers, with sometimes tragic consequences. Watch as people invite sex offenders, thieves, and even murderers into their homes to fix their belongings.

Hireology is passionate about this issue because it is something background checks can actually prevent. See the full video here. 

Hiring revs up, but it's mostly part time and low pay 

Good news: Hiring is increasing. Bad news: It's mostly hourly workers. With the delay in Obamacare, many businesses have pumped up their hiring, but this NBC News article explains that companies are more confused then ever.

The article written by Reuters says: "Obamacare is only one factor. The surge in part-time employment also reflects an economy that has struggled to maintain decent growth."

Read the full article here. 

Which Help Wanted Ads Stay Up the Longest? 

Truck drivers and nurses. This from an Ere.Net article written by John Zappe, who took statistics from Wanted Analytics that explains "the average time online for a truck driver job is 55 days. That’s up 20 percent since March, when Wanted reported the average posting period was about 6.5 weeks."

Read the full article here.

Free Internships Aren't Evil interviewing interns

As students go back to school, the hiring world is buzzing about paid vs. unpaid internships. In this article written by Tim Sackett on his blog Fistful of Talent, he analyzes an unpaid intern position that went viral last week. 

Sackett also adds his own opinion about unpaid internships, stating: "It’s great that the masses want to rant and talk about fairness, but these same people are actually hurting the people who most need unpaid internships to gain relevant work experience."

Read the entire article here.

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