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Millennial Monday: Office Tours and Introductions

Posted by Erin Borgerson on August 19, 2013

When interviewing, what’s the last thing you do before a candidate leaves? Do you thank them for their time and promise to follow-up? What about before that? Do you take the time to show interviewees around the office and introduce them to a few employees? Not only is doing so a good way to show that you’re interested in the candidate, but it gives them an even better idea of what it’s like to work at your company.

hiring millennialsMillennials especially appreciate this. They want to know where they’re going to be working (in terms of office and desk location), who they’re going to be working with and what the environment is like before they accept the job. And by walking them through the office, or even just a portion of it, and introducing them to a few people in their perspective department, you’re fulfilling each of these needs without having to spend a whole lot of time.

At Hireology we like to take candidates around after the interview. By that time they’re less nervous and we’re less pressed for time. But it’s at your discretion whether you take them for a tour before or after, and if you show every candidate or just those you would like to move forward with. 

If you're hesitant to do so, whether it's time-related or otherwise, put yourself in the shoes of a millennial. Though the job market may be competitive, Gen Y'ers aren't willing to settle. They want to know exactly what they are getting themselves into - before the ball even starts rolling. So if that means living in their parent's basement a while longer, then so be it. They know what they want, and a quick office tour can help determine whether they want to move forward. After all, a candidate may be there to impress you, but you need to impress them as well. 

We can't say for sure whether 15 minutes could save you 15 percent on your car insurance, but five minutes can certainly help prevent you from spending money on a drawn out interview process, and may even help prevent turnover down the line. 

Is your hiring process weighing you down? It's time to start fresh...

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