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Five Things You Need To Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Greg Rachke on August 9, 2013

1. Hiring Managers Give 10 Epic Job Pitches, and 10 Huge Failures

19294025 sDo you find that the interview process is getting tougher and tougher? Or are you perhaps on the opposite side of the spectrum, where candidates are begging to join your team? Wherever you stand, hiring managers have some tips to help you out.

Eric B. Meyer wrote an article detailing 10 epic job pitches and 10 huge failures. The article provides a small bit of humor to get you through the day, as some of these pitches are unbelievable.

According to Meyer, one candidate did a tarot reading for the interviewer. Sound crazy? Check out Meyer’s 10 pitches and 10 failures in his most recent post.

2. The Future of Resumes: Would You Believe We’ll Use a Digital Backpack?

Are resumes a thing of the past? How would you feel if we told you the future of hiring will be through electronic resumes?

Brace yourselves. Mark Slack recently wrote an article about how companies are entering a digital phase that could change the way you hire. Colleges, for instance, are passing out digital certificates that are fully verifiable online.

In addition, companies are handing out merit badges for employees. These badges will promote certain employee skills and abilities similar to the +1 section on LinkedIn.

Check the article out here.

3. Hiring Generation U: Problems With the Recent Crop of College Grads

14022403 sHired any Gen U employees lately?

Raghav Singh recently wrote on Gen U and their likely future in the workforce. Singh notes the downward trend of Gen U’ers moving out of their unemployment-ridden towns. In addition, Singh mentions the lack of respect for the generations the preceded them, and comments that Gen U is really struggles when it comes to the workforce.

If you’re considering hiring Gen U employees, you may want to check out his opinion. Read the article in full here.

4. Sea Turtle Recruiting: How to Bring Talent Back Home

Do you recruit sea turtles? Do you even know what that means?

Veronique Oonk wrote an interesting article about employees who leave home to work abroad. In the article, Oonk provides an infographic detailing the statistics for the sea turtle market. The infographic says that greater than 200 million people say they would be interested in working abroad; An interesting statistic for companies looking to hire international workers.

Consider these statistics when searching for candidates. The article can be found here.

5. Watch Out for These 5 Onboarding Red Flags

Have you hired a candidate that turned out to be a dud? Maybe you should have read these 5 onboarding red flags.

Bronwen Hundley recently wrote about major issues that you need to note before hiring your next candidate. According to Hundley, these are the top hiring red flags:

  1. Uncertainty
  2. Additional Questions
  3. Non-responsive
  4. Non-compliance with requests of information
  5. Extended Start Date

To get more information on how to handle these situations, check out Hundley’s article here.

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