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Five Things You Need To Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Greg Rachke on August 3, 2013

1. How Job Candidates Lie, and the Best Lies They Always Seem to Tell

Have you noticed a pattern in your job applicants’ responses? Do they always seem to have the best GPA’s? Has every applicant been the leader of his or her team at some point?

17347503 sTim Sackett recently blogged about the top lies candidates tell. Sackett broke them down into multiple categories. From Background Checks to Education lies, Sackett delves into the most common types of candidate lies.

If you’re hiring for your team, you may want to take a look at these applicant responses. Check his article out here.

2. The One That Got Away: Why Some Companies Just Can’t Land Top Talent

Having issues retaining the top candidates? Maybe it’s time you boost your hiring process.

John Touey wrote a blog recently describing the main reasons companies miss out on the top candidates in the field. According to Touey, “They can’t get out of their own way. Their recruitment processes aren’t designed to differentiate themselves from the crowd and often end up frustrating high performing, high potential candidates who could be difference makers in their organizations.

If your trying to attract top talent to your organization, consider reading this article. It could make the difference between a top hire and a bad one. Check the article out here.

3. When You Want to Show Your Culture, Attract Attention, and Have Fun Recruiting, Here’s the Video You Make

Do you use video recruiting methods such as YouTube, Vine, and Instagram? John Zappe says you should!

His article analyzes a recent recruiting video for Sparefoot. The video is intended to mock the style of generic corporate recruiting videos. And the best part of all is that it was successful.

18160806 s “We’ve had a lot of interest from potential candidates  already.”

 Zappe says the key to winning recruitiment is to “make a  video. And not just any video, but one of the funniest, off-  the-wall recruiting videos to hit You Tube since, Mark  Toth did his how not to interview video.

 Read the article in full here.

4. Nabbing the Best and Brightest Millennials for Your Company

Hiring millennials for your team? You will be.

Hally Pinaud offers her advice on how to attract and retain the top millennials in the field to your firm. She says, “Basically, recruiters need to “fish where the fish are” and get their message out through campus participation and media.”

Pinaud based her article off of a recent study aimed at millennial recruitment and retention. Consider her tips if you’re looking to hire millennials in the future.

Check out her article here.

5.How the Role of Corporate Recruiter Is Evolving

Do you call yourself a corporate recruiter? Then listen up! Corporate recruiting has changed. You best be keeping up.

Nick Leigh-Morgan reminisces on the good ole days in his most recent article. He says, “The normal recruitment method was to place an ad in a national or local newspaper or perhaps a relevant magazine.”

But nowadays, the internet has opened up a whole world of opportunity for recruiters. From job boards, to social media and blogging, there are plenty of resources available for your disposal.

Leigh-Morgan offers his advice on how to stay with the current trends of HR, and how to prepare for the future. Check his article out here.



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