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Franchise Hiring: Covering all your bases

Posted by Erin Borgerson on August 1, 2013

Dave needed to hire a sales associate for his franchise location. He put up a help-wanted sign and posted to Facebook that he was hiring. After a week or so, Dave began thumbing through the application - many of which he tossed aside because the candidates didn't seem qualified. He narrowed it down to about six candidates, and brought each of them in for an interview. After eliminating half of the remaining applicants, Dave hired his new sales associate based on the candidate's experience and answers to interview questions.  

If you're like many hiring managers, this process probably sounds pretty similar to yours. You look at the candidate's experience, judge their interview answers and trust your gut to make the hiring decision. But what if we told you there's so much more that goes into making the final hiring decision? Would you give it a shot if you knew it could help reduce the risk of making a bad hire?

Interview Guides

franchise hiringDon't bother google-ing "good interview questions." Chances are, you'll get a list of questions that ask:

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Why do you want to work for this company?

Answers to these questions really won't be all that useful in determining which candidate to hire. So instead, try following a script of validated interview questions. If it's backed by solid, reputable data, chances are you'll be well on your way to conducting the perfect interview.

Skills Verification

You want to be sure that the person you're hiring for the mechanic position knows their way around a car, right? Well what are you going to do to verify this is actually the case? Rather than taking the candidate's word for it, use skills tests and assessments to ensure that they really do know what it is they claim to. 

Now this is going to be an additional cost to your hiring process, but many of the skills tests available through Hireology are less than $20. Plus, wouldn't you rather spend $20 up front than $2,000 two months later because the new hire didn't work out? 

Reference Assessments

We know that checking references can be a pain. Not only do you have to wait for the candidate to give you their references' contact information, but then you actually have to track them down.

The thing is though, getting an honest answer from a candidate's references can be the deciding factor between whether or not to hire them. 

With Hireology, you don't even have to track down the references. Using SkillSurvey, the candidate is responsible for providing their references' information. From there, a position-specific reference survey is emailed to the contacts. Because it's done online, not via the phone, the references are 80 percent more likely to provide honest feedback. 

The hiring process, as much of a hassle as it can be, is vital to the success of your franchise. Your team is what keeps the location thriving, so keep that in mind before you enter into your next hiring process. Most importantly, don't settle for sub-par talent. Make sure you've covered all your bases, and are 100 percent confident in the abilities of your new employee(s). 

Learn the inner-workings of franchise hiring processes from the top franchise executives. 

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