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Where in the world will Hireology be? Fall 2013 Conference Schedule

Posted by Erin Borgerson on July 14, 2013

NAPEO 1Illinois SHRM, Indiana SHRM, Iowa SHRM, and NAPEO, OH MY! Our upcoming trade show schedule is so packed that we are traveling between conference cities instead of regrouping in Chicago. However, we love conferences so much that we don't even mind missing our weekly Portillo's lunch.

We know that we will see a lot of you at some of our upcoming shows, so we wanted to take a minute to clue you on which shows we will be exhibiting at. Let us warn you that we move at a fast pace and the second one trade show is over we are already thinking about the next one. But one thing is for sure, you will find us Hireologists at all of the after parties!

Want to meet the Hireology team? Come see us at the following trade shows this fall: 

Illinois SHRM

August 18-20

Love this trade show put on by the super organized Sabrina Baker and the entire IL SHRM chapter. Last year we met William Tincup and Sarah White at this show and exhibited our platform for the first time. We also discovered that 3 Hireologists, a booth, 800 water bottles, and car don't mix. We will be taking 2 modes of transportation this year! 

Booth numbers haven't been announced yet, but you can bet that we will be sporting our lab coats and chatting with our local friends. Also, big news! Our CEO, Adam Robinson will be speaking during the conference. You can catch him on Tuesday, August 20 at 10:45am.

hireologyIndiana SHRM

August 28-30

This is a new show for us so if you have any tips, please let us know! We will be heading to Indianapolis at the end of August and we are so excited to meet tons of HR Hoosiers. Since flying from Chicago to Indianapolis is pointless and pricey, we decided to roadtrip it! Wish us luck as our CEO, Director of Sales, and Marketing Coordinator (hi!) will be in one car together for 3 hours. Who wants to play a car game?

Booth number: 11

NAPEO 2013

September 9-11

After CEO Adam Robinson almost won $10k in a putt-to-win contest during the NAPEO Annual Conference 2012, we decided that this conference should be an annual trip! The National Association of PEO's are such a welcoming group and so interested in our company that we became members this year.

The conference took place in Phoenix last year and I am still growing my cactus that was given to every attendee. Since the conference is in San Antonio this year I wonder what they will give out?

Booth number: 502


October 2-4

We had to attend the Iowa SHRM conference after meeting chapter member Reed Burson at the 2012 Annual SHRM conference. We are really excited for this show because our CEO will be speaking here as well. Fun fact! None of us attending the Iowa SHRM show have been to the hawkeye state before.

Booth numbers have not been announced yet.

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