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What the Heck is a SaaS Hiring Tool?

Posted by Erin Borgerson on July 11, 2013

SaaSUnless you've been avoiding HR technology blogs, chances are you've heard of SaaS. And thanks to Google you don't have to be that person who seems out of touch and has to ask "what's SaaS." But for those of you who are still a little hazy (don't worry, you're certainly not alone), SaaS stands for Software as a Service.

But what does that mean? What the heck is Software as a Service?

To put it simply, SaaS reduces costs. Since everything is based on the cloud, there is no need for infrastructure. 

Now in regards to selection, SaaS tools and platforms make it easier to source, interview and ultimately make a new hire. Because all the data is held in one central location, any hiring manager with login credentials for the platform can access the information regardless of their physical location. This also means that anytime information is updated, each user will have immediate access - thus eliminating the need to email files back and forth with new info. And perhaps more importantly, anytime the platform is updated, there is no need to purchase and reinstall the software - it's all done virtually seamlessly.

Take Hireology for example

Hireology is a SaaS-based selection management tool. Once a user logs into their account, they have access to all their job candidate's information as well as to interview guides, skills tests and more. All it takes is a few clicks to get from page to page - no downloading or installing required.

Our platform also enables users to open a new position and automatically publish the job description to sites like Indeed and CareerBuilder. You know how it offers that capability? SaaS.  

And that's not it...

SaaS platforms offer more than I'll ever be able to verbalize. But in an attempt to give you a glimpse, here we go:

Customization - Users (who have a knack for technology) can customize the platform to adjust the look and feel as well as it's functionality. 

Open API - To put it simply, an open API allows a website to interact with, or talk to, other sites. Take Facebook for example. You know those apps that you have connected to your page? Well that's done through having an open API. 

Accelerated Delivery - Because the information within a SaaS platform is centrally located, it makes testing, updates and development much more efficient. 

Can't get enough of this tech talk? Then "How to Hire a Developer" is the eBook for you. 

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