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Five Things You Need To Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Greg Rachke on June 28, 2013


1. Social Networks Becoming a Priority for Finding Skilled Workers

Think social media is useless for hiring talent? Think again.

John Zappe discusses a recent survey conducted by LinkedIn that found a steady increase in
the amount of hiring managers using social media for finding talent. The survey asked hiring describe the imagemanagers their most important source for hiring talent. About 42% of the managers said that social media was one of their most important hiring tools.

The article also discusses the top trending topics on Twitter for hiring managers. Zappe notes, “There’s a significantly greater emphasis on employer branding.” Perhaps social media is the hidden gem you’ve been looking for all along.

Check out the article here.


2. More Employers Finding Negative Candidate Info Online

Have you checked your employee’s social media accounts lately? If not, you should.

According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, 43% of hiring managers have found negative candidate information online via social media. The survey points out that about 50% of managers found inappropriate photos of their applicants online.

John Hollon delves into the survey and analyzes the information in his most recent post.

Check it out here.


3. The Hidden Job Market and Skills Gap

Numbers don’t lie. China Gorman knows that. She takes a mathematical approach to understanding the job market in her most recent article

19698542 s Gorman analyzes at the United States employment  statistics for  the past couple years. She states, “Even if  these April hires  were from the March job openings  (3,875,000), there were still  550,000 more hires than  openings. So the hidden job market  must be alive and  well if we’re hiring more than half-a-million  more workers  than there are reported openings.”

 Gorman also discusses the skills gap, as it exists in today’s  job market.

Check out her article here.



4. Google’s Odd Interview Questions Are a Waste of Time

Are you using weird interview questions to hire your applicants? Google’s own Laszlo Bock says you shouldn’t.

“They don’t predict anything,” he told The Times. “They serve primarily to make the interviewer feel smart.”

John Zappe discusses the issue with weird interview questions in his recent article. According to Zappe, behavioral interview questions work best to determine your applicant’s skillset. In addition, he gives reasoning as to why hiring managers shouldn’t make hiring decisions.

Read about it here.


5. Why You Need to Make HR Your Ally in the Hiring Process

David Fishman claims you should include HR in your hiring process. In fact, he says they should be the ones “quarterbacking the deal.”

Hiring managers are essential to the hiring process. We know that. But without any collaboration with HR, your hiring manager could be making a costly bad hire for your company.

Read the article in its entirety here.

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