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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Greg Rachke on June 14, 2013

Are you a Leader or Manager?

LeaderWe know what your thinking. What’s the difference?

Curt Richardson highlights the key differences between being a leader and being a manager in his recent article. He explains, “Leaders have a unique ability to rally employees around a vision.” He adds, “Managers, on the other hand, are more adept at executing the vision in a very systemic way and directing employees on how to do so.”

Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate whether you’re a leader or a manager. Understanding where you stand as an HR professional will help your company run smoothly in the long haul. Read the article in its entirety here.


3 Tips for Finding New Employees

Hiring can be tough. Finding the right employees is a hassle that most HR professionals don’t have time for. Here are 3 tips Tom Searcy recommends that will kick-start your hiring process.

1.     Fish in different ponds: Broaden your search

2.     No one comes tailor fit for their job anymore: Make some exceptions

3.     Work harder on retention because your best have better offers

Following these three tips will not only ensure your hiring process will go more smoothly, but it will ultimately allow you to focus on more important areas of your work.

Read the original post here.


Why you should respond to candidate applications

In the words of Shirell Hairston, “applying for a job and never hearing back from the company is like asking for someone to marry you and having the person simply look over your shoulder, as if you didn’t just offer a proposal.”

Speaking from personal experience, the entire process can be emotionally exhausting for both ends. But failing to uphold your end of the bargain means endless anxiety for the applicant. Do your part and reply to the applicant, even if it is a simple yes or no.

Read all about the reasons why you should respond to your job candidates here.


Tips for interviewing candidates

describe the imageInterviews can be awkward, uneventful, and just plain boring. But they don’t have to be! While the majority of interview advice is directed towards interviewees, Paul Freiberger offered his two-cents on how employers can prepare for the interview process.

1.     Do your Homework

2.     Take Notes

3.     Follow Up

Read up on the rest of his tips in his article.


How to avoid offer rejection

So you’ve finally found the ideal candidate for your position, but you can’t seem to get them to accept your offer. The hiring process is a psychological game just as it is a professional one. You want the perfect candidate, just as they want the perfect firm. In order to increase your closing rates, you need to persuade your candidate to believe that you are the firm they’ve been searching for. Scott Weiss offers his advice on how to convert your candidate leads in his article.

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