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New eBook: The 411 on Phone Interviews

Posted by Erin Borgerson on June 15, 2013


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Conducting phone interviews in the future? In order to uncover the right person for the job you need to be able to understand how a phone interview works. We created this ebook by watching our recruiter conduct phone interviews, our experiences as candidates getting a phone interview, and by talking to Hireology's I/O Psychologist.

This is what we found: Phone interviews should take about 30 minutes, the interviewer should only be talking 10% of the time, and always score your interview.

Want more?

Download our comprehensive guide on phone interviewing with tips, advice, and helpful hints on how to discover your next employee through the first stage of the hiring process. The ebook is free and available below. Happy dialing!


411 Hireology ebook phone interview guide free download

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