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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on May 31, 2013

17158136 s5 Key Questions to Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting is taking over the HR world. Making simple decisions can be done even faster utilizing mobile technology. As this industry is booming, there are many questions surrounding how to effectively use mobile recruiting. This article discusses questions from when to invest and what functionalities it should cover. If your company is thinking about using mobile technology or just recently integrated it into their hiring process, this article is a can’t miss read! Read more here.


Square Pegs: Keeping Good People at Your Company

Hiring employees who fit with the job and company is something HR directors struggle with. When an employee does not fit in, it affects turnover and retention rates which affects the bottom line. This problem can be solved by leaders within the company. They need to evaluate current employees to see if they are in the right position or department or if they would do better in another position in the company. Want to know more? Click here to read the full article.


What Great Job Postings Have in Common

We can’t stress enough how important job descriptions are. Perfecting a job description for an open position will lure top talent to apply which of course are the type of candidates you want applying! According to this article, a job description is the first impression. A common mistake is describing the perks of the job more than the actual responsibilities. The majority of candidates have multiple job options and are more likely to apply for ones that are explicit in the job and salary requirements. So the next time you are looking for job candidates and are wondering why you aren’t attracting top talent, take a look at your job description before you lower your hiring standards. Read the article here.


Brand Strategy: If you get Employees on Board, Customers are Easy

Brand image is important to any company. Creating a reputable brand name starts with employees. It is crucial that employees are not only aware of the company’s brand strategy but uphold the strategy at all times. When customers are happy with their experience they will be repeat customers and tell all of their friends what a positive experience they had; however, the same holds true for negative customer experience. This process starts with employees so make sure your employees understand the importance of brand strategy. Click here to read the entire article.


18658283 sThe Secret to Sustainable Business Growth

Why do most business owners not understand the importance of growth? Put quite simply, they are not business experts. Developing a plan of attack is difficult for many companies but without growth your company will not last long. This is the problem among many companies because they think their company is the exception, but they aren’t. Having one exceptional product or idea is not enough to sustain a company long term. There are three things that companies need to sustain long term business growth. Read all three tips here. 



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