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5 Things to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on June 3, 2013

describe the imageThe 17 Things to Think About Before Picking an Applicant Tracking System

 We all know the importance of utilizing an applicant tracking system to organize your hiring process. Implementing an ATS in your company will not only help standardize the hiring process but will also help recruit top talent. Hireology is more than an ATS so make sure to check out what we offer! These 17 tips are a must read before committing to an ATS. They range from asking for client recommendations to job posting capabilities. Read all 17 tips here.

Before You Require Poem Writing, Take These 7 Steps to Ensure Your Hiring Matches Your Culture

Company culture is something many companies find very important in their business model. But does your interviewing process match the culture? One company goes so far as to ask applicants to submit a poem. While most would find that confusing and unnecessary, some candidates might enjoy a hiring process like that. Every company has an unique hiring process dependent on company culture. Read all 7 tips here to make sure the two match up for your company.

Wages, Salaries & Overtime - Oh my! 4 Myths about Employee Pay describe the image

Discussing money can be a difficult conversation with anyone--especially your boss. However knowing your rights as an employee is very important. Overtime can be a very cloudy topic in the workplace which leads to employees not asking for what they are legally entitled to. This is a result of confusion about the legality of employee wages. If you think you are entitled to more pay, make sure to check out these 4 myths! 

When Your Marketing Message Gets in the Way of Your Company Values 

Effective marketing campaigns are crucial to any successful company. But is there a point when your marketing message breaches company values? There comes a point when marketing and advertising campaigns are too exaggerated of what the company actually stands for. Millennials do not want to work or buy from a company whose external and internal messages do not match. According to Eric Chester, of TLNT, this means “That means you cannot represent your brand one way to your customers and a different way to your employees”. Read the entire article here.

Be More Productive in an Open Work Space

Over here at Hireology, we work very closely to each other. While offices set up like this have high morale, it can also lead to low productivity. Especially in a startup environment, office space can be limited so it is important to learn ways to deal with this. According to the article, “86 percent of workers prefer to work alone to achieve maximum productivity”. Taking calls in a conference room or a more private space around the office are simple solutions to combat a noisy work environment. Click here to read the full article.


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