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5 Things to Know about Hiring this Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on May 17, 2013

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The 8 Most Common Job Search Mistakes of Recent Grads

As the end of the school year ends, graduates are beginning their job hunt. Searching for your first full time job can be intimidating and many recent grads are making simple mistakes preventing from finding a job. While your dream job might not be realistic right out of college, there are 8 tips you can take to maximize your potential for landing a great job! Read all the tips here.


Want Your Employees to Innovate?

Innovation is at the core of expanding your business but sometimes it is hard to encourage innovative thinking among employees. One way to do this is by splitting up the office. The article suggests hiring an intrapreneur (an entrepreneur within an established company), setting up a new division, and finally taking a failing product and incubate it. Read all of the tips here.

describe the image4 Ways to Write a Killer Job Description 

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of job descriptions but that is because it is crucial to your hiring process! Often times, companies feel like they are not getting the candidates they had hoped for. One reason for this might be due to the job description. Writing an interesting job description is another marketing tool that makes your company stand out to the best candidates. If you plan on hiring in the future, make sure you read all 4 tips in this article here


Interviewing to Death: A Hideous Practice that Crushes a Candidate’s Spirit

Everyone has a love/hate relationship with interviewing. Sometimes is can be quick and painless, other times it can drag on for months. The longest interviewing process I have ever heard of is 8 interviews before receiving an offer. While some companies believe a long hiring process is important, most times it is not necessary. The anxiety that ensues immediately after receiving an invitation to interview is inevitable. Click here to read the three components when a normal interview process turns into “death by interview”.


Survey: What Millennials Really Want at Work

Hiring Millennials is always a hot topic at Hireology. When the majority of the workforce will soon be taken over by this generation, it is important to know what is important to them in the workplace. According to the article, it is important for Millennials to be passionate about their work and the cause they are working for. If they do not care about the work they are doing, they will not be motivated to do their job well. Read everything else Millennials look for in a job here.


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