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Three Things You Need to Know About Hiring Millennials

Posted by Erin Borgerson on May 7, 2013

Between the influx of resumes flooding your inbox and seemingly endless invitations to graduation parties, you're probably well aware that the next wave of new employees are about to enter the workforce. But before you go about interviewing these millennials, there's a few things you should know...

hire recent grad1. Jump on the social recruiting bandwagon 

With over 1.1 billion users, Facebook certainly has some pull in the world of social media. So use that reach to your benefit and start recruiting through Facebook and other social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. After all, 52 percent of job seekers took to Facebook to find jobs in 2012.

2. Passion often trumps experience

You can't teach passion, but you can certainly teach skills. Just because someone has experience doesn't mean they're passionate about what they do. Heck, they may not even like the job. So if you come across a recent grad who has the passion you're looking for but not the skill set, don't toss them aside just yet. You'll likely be surprised at how quickly they learn and dedicate themselves to the job.

3. Let candidates go for a test drive

This is one of our favorite hiring practices here at Hireology. For candidates who are in the final stage of the hiring process, we offer them the chance to come into the office for an hour or two and shadow an employee they would be working with. This gives the candidate the chance to see what it's like working at Hireology, and it gives us the chance to see how well they mesh with the rest of the team. 

It's a win-win for both the candidate and the company! If it's not a good fit, then money will be saved on inevitable turnover. But if things work out, then you'll feel even better handing over the offer letter to that millennial.

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