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5 Things to Know about Hiring this Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on May 3, 2013

linkedin recruiting

Survey: LinkedIn Is the Most Popular Site For Social Recruiting

According to a recent survey, LinkedIn is a key part of the recruitment process. In just the last quarter of 2012, the company added 2,400 customers. Companies are still posting on Facebook and Twitter but LinkedIn is the clear leader in the social media recruitment arena! Read more about LinkedIn here!

Things to Ask in an Interview That Candidates Won’t Ask Themselves

Ever wonder what a candidate was really thinking during an interview? In fear of making a bad impressions, most candidates won’t ask about uncomfortable subjects from benefits to what the hiring manager doesn’t like about the company. To view all of the questions read the article here.

talent management silicon valley3 Cutting Edge Talent Management Practices From Silicon Valley

Talent management is always evolving. It can be hard to keep up on trends, especially when they originate from Silicon Valley. John Sullivan recently investigated the top three cutting edge talent management practices. To read Sullivan’s article, click here.

recruiting for peos

Hireology has a new eBook: Recruiting and Hiring for PEOs

As new members of the National Association of Professional Employer Organization, (NAPEO) Hireology wanted to develop a reference guide for the PEO and ASO companies interested in recruiting. This 30-page E-book was created by CEO Adam Robinson and the Hireology marketing team through a series of interviews with PEOs, research with NAPEO, and our collection of 15-years in the recruiting industry. Click here to download the eBook.

12 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

With spring in full swing, Erik Sherman recommends that companies “shake the dust loose and examine routines that have become habitual”. This allows you see areas that need improving. Sherman breaks the 12 ways into three categories: E-commerce, Customer Relations, and Operations. To read the full article click here. 

And here's something else you may have missed this week, Hireology released the Small Businesses' Reference Guide to Hiring. Check it out below.


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