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Small Business Hiring: 3 Tips to Get You Started

Posted by Erin Borgerson on May 1, 2013

So you're thinking about hiring for your small business? That's great! There's countless ways to go about hiring new employees, but some ways just work better than others - especially for small businesses. So before you go about spending a fortune and wasting hour after hour on less-effective hiring practices, take a look at our three steps to kick off your hiring process.

small business hiringNot only is it going to save you time and money, but you'll be well on your way to hiring top talent.

Step 1: Determine what the position entails

First things first - you have to figure out the scope of the position. Is it a sales position? HR? Administrative?

Next, put together a list of the key responsibilities. Don't write down every little thing - but jotting down primary duties will help you understand what you're expecting out of the position.

Think about the candidate you're hoping to hire. Should they be a culture-fit? If so, what personalities fall under that umbrella? Do they need to have a degree, prior experience? In what?

Step 2: Create/Revamp your "about us" page 

Candidates want to know what they're getting themselves into before they apply for a job. So let them know! If you don't have an "about us" page, now is the perfect time to build one. Give visitors to your site an inside look at your company by showing them what you're about. Don't just state your mission or "core values" - get creative and have some fun! 

If you do already have an "about us" page, give it a makeover! A little creavity never hurt anybody. 

Step 3: Post to jobs boards

Job boards are one of the most vital tools for a small business. Because it's unlikely that candidates will be actively looking for open positions on your company career page, job boards are your best bet.

Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder and Craigslist are known for driving high candidate flow. Even better, it's usually the most qualified candidates scouring these boards. Though the prices start around $25 and move upwards of $400, it's often worth the investment - especially if you don't want to wait around for the right candidate to come along.

Still have questions about the best hiring practices for small businesses? Check out our latest guide!

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