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Hireology New Features: Introducing our Spring Updates

Posted by Erin Borgerson on April 25, 2013

The Hireology product team has been quite busy this Spring. From updates to our classic elements interview guide to a new integration with PayScale, these features will assist users with navigating the hiring process with ease.

Below is a full rundown of what's new in Hireology:

PayScale Integration

Hireology has integrated PayScale's unique salary profiling tool into the platform. Want to learn more? Join our webinar next week - Click here to join our PayScale integration webinar.

This is what Hireology users will see when they click the button next to the salary on their open positions inside the platform.

payscale preview without job title and region


Interested in learning more about the PayScale/Hireology integration? View an overview and FAQ guide here by clicking here.

Craigslist Posting Capabilities

Hireology users will now have exclusive posting capabilities to Craigslist. They will enjoy the benefits of posting to the largest online classifieds community from the comfort of their Hireology account!

This new feature is located in the Hireology application by simply clicking "Post to a Job Board" and select the Craigslist option. Pricing starts at $25.

Email Interview Guides

Ever need a co-worker or employee to run a phone screen for you? Phone screen guides can now be emailed from Hireology to anyone's email address. Now phone screens can be conducted anywhere! Hireology users are able to send the interview through the Candidate Page -> Share Candidate.

Other Platform Updates:

We're not done yet... We made some tweaks to issues that inhibited our users from moving as fast as possible through the hiring process.

  • Important candidate details are now easier to find. In the Resume Quickview, "Date applied" and "Candidate Source" now appear in the top banner, seen an example below. 
Resume Apply
  • New candidate email notifications now include the candidate's name and a link to the candidate's info page in Hireology so hiring managers can easily get instant details to who is applying to their jobs.

As these Spring updates take effect, we want to give a shout-out to the users who give us consistent feedback to improve Hireology and our array of hiring tools! unfamiliar with Hireology? Schedule a demo with a Hireologist and find out what you are missing!

schedule a hireology demo

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