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Five Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on April 19, 2013

An Honest Look at What Job Candidates Really Want

Candidate experience is a huge topic right now. As the job market begins to pick back up, more and more industry professionals are stressing the importance of providing each candidate with a positive experience.

In an article for ERE, Keith Halperin discusses what candidates expect and ways to impress them during the interview process. For example, he says "Try and sell me on your position and company, and I’ll try and sell you on me."

Wondering how you can provide candidates with a great experience? Read the Halperin's article here.

What are the Worst Questions Job Interviewers Ask?

In an article published on US News, Alison Green discusses the worst, yet most common interview questions hiring managers ask. According to the article, these include:

1. Do you think you can handle this workload?

2. If I offered you a job, would you accept it?

3. What does your husband/wife do?

To view Green's full list of the worst questions, and what makes them so bad, read the full article here.

5 Tricks for Working With Millennials

hiring millennialsMillennials are unlike any generation you've worked with before - but this doesn't mean they're bad employees. Steve Cody wrote an article for Inc. about the lessons he's learned from working with millennials. 

His suggestions:

1. Over-communicate

2. Go heavy on the rewards and punishments

3. Set the bar high

4. Keep accountability consistent

5. Be willing to meet halfway

Wondering how he suggests you going about doing the above, read the article here


The Biggest Challenges Facing HR Today

Check out the article to see Ruettimann's suggestions about making HR relevant again. 

Managing Millennials: How to Handle Their FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) 

managing millennialsAccording to Ashley Fina of TLNT, "FOMO refers to the anxiety created by social media connections sharing updates that leave individuals feeling left out of social situations or feeling that they should be doing more." Fina continues on to explain, "[Millennials] represent such a large part of the workforce population, organizations need to be conscious of FOMO so they can properly address Gen Y employees’ behaviors and expectations and harness this mindset."

So, how are managers supposed to deal with this? Fina suggests maintaining constant communication and providing constant and instant gratification. 

Wondering what she means by this? Read the full article here




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hiring millennials

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