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The Five Things You Need to Know About Hiring This Week

Posted by Erin Borgerson on April 13, 2013

How to Build Real Trust With Your Millennial Workforce

As the biggest generation since baby boomers, millennials bring something to the workforce employers have never seen before - an unwillingness "to compromise long term principles for short term gain."

 wrote an article for TLNT about building trust with your millennial employees. Wytiaz explains building trust starts with understanding what is important to millennials. This typically includes open communication, flexibility and technology integration at the office. 

"You can’t fool a Millennial; they know a company with poor technology integration is doomed and they will jump ship," explains Wytiaz. "Any company with a limited view on technology is bound to have trouble attracting and keeping Millennials (or most employees for that matter)."

Quick Tips for Starting Your New Employees Off Right

hiringDavid Lee wrote an article for ERE about the eight outcomes of an effective onboarding process. He explains you can use this list to analyze your current onboarding processes and determine “are we accomplishing what we’re supposed to accomplish?”

Lee recommends including the following goals in your onboarding checklist:

  • "Let the new hire know that their questions and feedback are welcomed, and make it easy for them to ask and to give feedback."

  • "Help the new hire understand their critical role in contributing to the organization’s success."

  • "Connect the new hire with their peers and the organization as a whole, so they feel a sense of belonging."

For the full list, click here.

How many interviews are too many?

A reader wrote to Ask a Manager (Alison Green) wondering "how many interviews are too many?" She had met with Company X five times, and although she felt a connection with the interviewers, they seemed very hesitant to make a hiring decision because they had make poor hires in the past.

The reader understood this, but thought five interviews seemed like overkill. Wondering what Ask a Manager had to say? Find out here

Too Many Emails? 3 Ways to De-Clutter Your Inbox

inbox hiringLet's face it, logging into your email account can be a nightmare. Between the 10,000 unread emails and the constant interruptions when trying to sort through them, cleaning out your inbox quickly becomes a lost cause. 

 wrote an article for Inc. highlighting the three most common types of emails cluttering your inbox and what to do about it.

Example: No one likes those one-word emails. So rather than confirming a meeting or status update, shoot your colleague and instant message instead. 

Your Employees' Financial Problems Are Your Problems

Suzanne Lucas (a.k.a. Evil HR Lady) wrote an article for Inc. explaining "your employees' financial problems become your financial problems." Once again, Lucas tells it like it is - and she has the stats to back it up. 

The Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) conducted a survey of HR managers in 2012. The results showed that 83 percent of HR managers believed that their employees' financial problems had an impact on their work

So, what are you supposed to do? Read the full article for Lucas' tips.

For tips on using interview scorecards to help you make the right hiring decision, download our free guide. 

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